Viki Services can offer you the wholesome designing, construction and maintenance services of outside areas. Our land shaft engineers will offer you decisions in full compliance with your requirements, expectations and the specifics of the area. We will offer you a program for a subscription-based servicing of the green areas, fully compliant with the different plant species and terrains.

Scope of services:
1. Irrigation of green areas
  •   We will build the irrigation system and its subsequent maintenance
  •   We will irrigate with the existing system
  •   We will irrigate with external water source
2. Mowing - collecting the mowed grass and transporting it to a waste landfill
3. Aerating the areas
4. Rolling the area, in order to refine and level out the soil
5. Fertilization and spraying with a selective herbicide against weeds - twice a year
6. Planting seasonal flowers
7. Planting trees and decorative shrubs
8. Shaping and pruning of trees and shrubs
9. Waste disposal

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