Professional clening of offices and buildings, house cleaning


Viki Services LTD offers to your attention its long-term experience and professional attitude in the subscription-based complex internal and external cleaning of offices and administrative buildings, manufacturing and industrial premises, public and transport buildings with large passenger and client flow.
Daily/Subscription-based cleaning for administrative and industrial buildings

Once a team of our specialists has visited your administrative or production areas and gets acquainted with the specifics of your operational process and work-related requirements, you will be presented with а detailed cleaning plan which describes the cleaning activities, the staff budgeted for the service, and the necessary professional equipment (machines, professional equipment, consumables, detergents, work clothes).
Our partners are world-class producers of professional cleaning equipment, as well as their partners in Bulgaria such as FIMAP, I-MOP, GHIBLI, CFM, NILFISK etc.
Additionally, they are also world-class producers of professional cleaning consumables and detergents such as KITER, HAGLEITNER, TORK, WERNER&MERTZ, TTS, IPC, VERMOP, 3M, etc.
We will provide you with adequate daily control by supervisors, committed not only to staff training and briefing, but also to the controlling of the schedule, the working hours compliance, the timely and properly execution of daily activities, and the fulfilment and implementation of the ISO standards introduced in Viki Services Ltd.
Our main task is to ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and your employees and customers.
Exemplary scope of daily staff obligations:
  • Sweeping and washing of hard floorings in offices, corridors and stairs - in the morning as well as regularly during the day
  • Vacuuming of soft floorings
  • Cleaning of the lobby and reception
  • Cleaning of elevators
  • Cleaning of handrails
  • Cleaning and dusting of furniture in offices and common areas
  • Cleaning and dusting of office technique
  • Sweeping and washing of auxiliary and service rooms
  • Cleaning of kitchenettes
  • Cleaning, washing, disinfecting and deodorizing of sanitary facilities with specialized products, collection and disposal of waste, washing and disinfecting sanitary ware, cleaning doors in these premises
  • Loading sanitary facilities with consumables in the morning and regularly throughout the day: Toilet paper, Hand towels, Liquid soap, Air fresheners
  • Cleaning of partition walls, entrance areas and entrance doors
  • Cleaning and changing of doormats
  • Cleaning of trash bins, collection and disposal of waste
  • Cleaning of plugs, switches, lighting fittings etc.
  • Cleaning outside areas
  • Machine cleaning of outside areas on schedule
  • Snow removal
  We will offer you preferential prices for our WC supplies.

Basic annual cleaning, Emergency cleaning or post-construction cleaning services
Whenever needed, we will include in the subscription-based cleaning of the site the service of our mobile cleaning team (at preferential prices for you), professionally equipped and trained!
Exemplary scope of the obligations:
  • Basic cleaning, with regards to an upcoming event/visit or after repairs
  • Reaction in cases of emergency - floods, accidents, snowfall
  • Washing of carpets
  • Washing of upholstered furniture
  • Washing and sealing of hard floorings
  • Polishing of floorings
  • Washing of paneling
  • Washing of façades – using industrial climbers or lifting equipment
  • Cleaning of window frames
  • Washing of door shelters
  • Cleaning of high areas in the premises - dust, spider webs
  • Cleaning of building facilities
  • Cleaning of elevators and travellators
  • Basic cleaning of parking areas and outside areas
  • Snow removal, etc.

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